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Hello. What can I say, besides im the anti-christ faggot that everyone loves to hate. So people really piss me off, if you want to be my friend, then please be sure to comment on my journal. Because I always comment on my friends journals...Add me, love me, tell me im beautiful... ~Gavin~
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My name is Ann, and I'm from Norway.
I've been a fan of coal chamber since, I don't know, for a very long time. They were gonna play with Machine Head here in 99 or something. That didn't happen afterall, they played with Type O Negative instead the night after. Ofcourse, the Type O concert had an age limit of 18, so I never got to see CC live. It's pissing me off still. ;)
The last years I haven't really paid that much attention to what was going on, and just recently I found out that they are no more.
What happened? When did it happen?
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i have been listening to coal chamber for the last three weeks none stop,
in the car, on the computer and at work. i wish they was still around,
im glad i got to see them once before they broke up.
I miss coal chamber :{
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hey i have a collection of live concert dvds, like ill Nino, KoRn, Evanescence, tallica, Mudvayne yada yada yada... does any of you know if Coal Chamber released a live dvd... since i never go to see them live while they were around I'd like to see live footage of em thanks- ben
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So uh, I decided to clean out my closet of all my shirts and crap. I have a ton of them that I never wear.

So uh, here they are.

Coal Chamber [all L]
-- Coal Chamber television, w/ them lounging about on it [self-titled era] - slightly faded
-- Coal Chamber face on left breast, picture of them on back [self-titled era] - slightly faded
-- Coal Chamber written in black, blue-tint background picture of them [self-titled era] - picture slightly chipped
-- Coal Chamber light orange, picture of them [self-titled era] - great condition
-- Coal Chamber written in red, with picture of them [Chamber Music era] - picture chipped
-- HOODIE - Coal Chamber in purple, Chamber Music-era logo on back in purple - slightly faded, otherwise good condition
Static-X [small-fitting L]
-- Wisconsin Death Trip CD cover - great condition
Powerman 5000 [L]
-- Tonight, The Stars Revolt! CD cover - picture chipped
Marilyn Manson [L]
-- Band picture, Manson has a halo over his head [Antichrist Superstar era] - great condition

And uh.. maybe more, but I forget right now.

If there's any interest, MSN it up..