Special Ed (_special_ed_) wrote in coal_chamber,
Special Ed

im new too

Hey whats up people, I'm new. I havent been keeping up with CC news, I just noticed the CC website dont work, and I know dez is working with his side project, Is Coal Chamber no more, or what?
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Deleted comment

Mikey's working like he has been
with his friend Paige on a side
project,plus he has a *gasp* normal
job now too.
besdies his side project with paige, what does he do?
he has a normal job,best I can tell ya
hun...he really doesn't want it getting
out where he works.
Mike was in Kristyn Strange/Depressa. By the way, he works at a restaurant. Oh, and he produced ION with Paige.
Yep, Coal chamber is pretty much dead, buried and no more. The CC site aint been up for a long time now. But anyway i suggest you check of DevilDriver, pretty good i reckon. Aint really checked up on the other membes really :(
hey it aint over till the fat lady sings! and i aint singing!
Hey i am fascinated to find out that others like myself are interested in the knowledge of the Coal Chambers break-up.. The answer to your question is yes, they have broken up, so that B-Dez can work on his new band Devil Driver. Need more help the just email me and ask okay!