Flaadd Mygg (sigillumdiaboli) wrote in coal_chamber,
Flaadd Mygg


My name is Ann, and I'm from Norway.
I've been a fan of coal chamber since, I don't know, for a very long time. They were gonna play with Machine Head here in 99 or something. That didn't happen afterall, they played with Type O Negative instead the night after. Ofcourse, the Type O concert had an age limit of 18, so I never got to see CC live. It's pissing me off still. ;)
The last years I haven't really paid that much attention to what was going on, and just recently I found out that they are no more.
What happened? When did it happen?
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They broke up a few years ago, mostly because the
fragile relationship between Meegs and Dez finally
snapped. Though it was that fragile tention filled
relationship between the two that fuled such lovely

Dez is doing his band Devil Driver
Meegs has Pinata
Nadja is doing her T-Shirt Company
and playing in random bands here and
Mikey is currently not involved in anything
musically at the moment.
Not entirely sure what Rayna is upto though.
I used to be part of a Official Coal Chamber Forum!
and there was constant talk about coal chamber breaking up
Even dez mentioned it on one of the forum posts
Pitty they were a pretty good band!
People were wondering what was up with them, after they went thru a brief silence
after the release of Dark Days
And well the song "Friend?" tells you what was really going on in their friend ship