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hey everyone!

Hey, I'm Emily. I'm a huge Coal Chamber fan and just joined this community today. So how is everyone around here?
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Hello there. Hmmm this place has been pretty quiet recently :(
yea? That's sad. Didn't a greatest hits CD come out last month sometime?
yep, "giving the devil his due" mes thinks, i could be wrong though because i got that album aaagggeeesss ago and i checked the new album releases and it just said coal chamber - giving the devil his due :S
Well there is a Greatest hits too *Goes in search of info*
mmhmm Tracklisting:
01. Loco
02. Oddity
03. Big Truck [H&On-Wheel Mix]
04. Sway
05. Clock
06. Not Living
07. El Cu Cuy
08. Tyler's Song
09. My Mercy
10. Fiend
11. Something Told Me
12. Dark Days
13. Beckoned
14. One Step [Chop Shop Mix]
I don't think I'll be buying this one... but maybe, because it is coal chamber.
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there ya go. I got this http://www.mtv.com/bands/az/coal_chamber/769708/album.jhtml
oooo yep thats different, lol yeah i have all those songs off the other albums but its worth buying just to say you have everything of theirs lol
haha yea. I didn't even know this one exsisted until the other day when I went to go buy a copy of "Chamber music" for my friend. Then I spent an hour talking to the guy that worked there about Coal Chamber haha.
lol ace! Yeah i just thought that when people said greatest hits they ment the giveing the devil his due album. So, thats another album ill have to get when money comes my way
haha buy it used on amazon.com they have some used CDs for like 5 bucks. I dunno if they have any CC greatest hits..
good idea, ill have a look anyway though