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Get Out of My Rowboat..

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Countdown to Destruction
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This is a community for fans of Coal Chamber, and other bands listed below, to talk about..wow..Coal Chamber. :)


& Dez has a new band by the name of DevilDriver. [www.devildriver.com]


For those of us with art programs etc, would you mind making icons for the community? Or if you have any confirmed info on the band, mail them to FeelsLikeAbuse@aol.com :nods: You will be credited.

- Nikki


04.13.02-05.20.02 submitted by phafek
07.01.02 - icon submitted by remorseful
10.24.02 - icon submitted by xander
3.31.03 - icon submitted by remorseful

community maintained by postmortemfame
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